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So who is me?

That question is purrhaps a little too broad. A better question might be "What are my interests?" or maybe "What is the story of my life?".

Well lets start with the first one. Primarily I am a programmer. I started around age 11, with GWBASIC, and have been programming ever since. For the most part, I focus on real-time applications such as games, but I've done a very broad range of things. Nowadays I write about everything in C++ when possible, though I'm familiar with a number of languages. This site is programmed in PHP, for example, and is all written by hand.

My other major interests are music and art. When I was very young I had piano lessons like many people... and similarly barely remember any of it. Around age 12 I joined my school's band program (Pride of Owasso!), and ended up sticking with it all the way through highschool. Sometime around 1997-ish I started poking at the idea of writing music using some silly shareware program. Of course I was quite terrible then, but I kept at it anyways. It wasn't until around 1999 that I had anything not deafeningly bad enough that I would risk exposing it to the world. Originally I mostly listened to classical music, but after its discovery, my preferance changed to game soundtracks. In the years since then, I have improved substantially at writing music, and now regularly write soundtracks for games I work on. For art, I mostly work digitally, though recently I've taken an interest in sculpting. I'm not very good at either, but it's fun.

I've got a lot of other little interests as well. I dabble a bit in animation and 3d modeling, for example. I also have a super small interest in writing, but haven't ever gotten around to trying anything significant really. I do like to read when I have time, mostly fantasy/sci-fi books.

As with about anyone, it is impossible to sum up an entire life into a few short sentances. A very brief overview shall have to suffice. I was born in 1982, and grew up several places (we moved a lot). For the most part, I would say I lived in a medium-small-ish town in Oklahoma. Later I attended a state college there for a couple years, before moving to Washington and starting over at a more specialized technical school. I stayed in Washington to work, and live here with my 2 cats.

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