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-- Things of Interest --

Slashdot - A nifty technical news site.

WTF Comics - A story-based comic strip that takes place in the world of Everquest.

Faux Pas - Another random comic (updated more often) that I read.

Debian Linux - A nifty linux distribution. Running the computer thats serving you this website!

OC Remix - Unofficial game music arrangement site.

-- Sites Hosted Locally --

My Journal - Journal I keep, using a system I designed and programmed myself.

Clawmark's Vanguard Stuff - Stuff I've done for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

(old) Doza Website - This is a snapshot of Doza's webpage on geocities.

(old) The Opinionated Guide to Gaming - Games review page written by a friend.

(old) Dingbatty's Lair of Evil - The name speaks for itself...

(old) Everquest Bugs - List of bugs that bug me in Everquest.

(old) Rarrum's Beastlord Info - Collection of information about the beastlord class in Everquest.

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