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Rarrum, The Kitty of Doom is the name of my character in Everquest, though I have my surname set to Ti'Oniyume as multi-word titles like The Kitty of Doom aren't normally allowed. I am formerly the leader of the guild Altera Vita on the Druzzil Ro (previously Xev) server.

I originally started Everquest back 1999 before there were any expansions, on the Tunare server. After failing to get very far as a druid (casting class) that melee'd, I quit the game. Later I came back on the Xev server and started over from scratch as a bard, which I played for about a year. When the Shadows of Luclin expansion was released, the game removed support for the 3dfx Glide API, so EQ wouldn't even run on my computer for several monthes.

A short while after returning, I toyed with the idea of trying out the new Race and Class they had added. Hence Rarrum was born, a Vah Shir, Beastlord. Beastlords were still extremely rare to see around back then, which also made it interesting, as nobody seemed to know anything about them. Rarrum was a much better fit for me anyways, given my affinity for feline anthromorphs.

Eventually I became an officer of the small social guild that I had been in for a long time, Elite Circle of Xev. But the guild rarely did anything together; it was mostly just a chat room with a bunch of different people doing their own thing. Over time I grew tired of just soloing, and wanted to see more what large-scale raiding was like. Finally I left Elite Circle of Xev in 2002, and applied to Altera Vita.

After several monthes, I become the first Beastlord in Altera Vita. In many ways it was an interesting experience. Because beastlord's were still very rare, nobody had any predetermined ideas about what our role might be on raids. So it was basically up to me to find my own use. I later went on to become an officer of the guild in late 2003 and eventually leader. In August of 2005 I stepped down from my position and returned to being a normal member.

In January 2006, I finally left the shattered remains of Altera Vita, and joined Pravus Mortis. This was following a series of guild and server merges that occured. I remained with Pravus Mortis until finally, in January 2007, I retired from Everquest. Too many long-standing bugs... too stagnant development-wise... too many gaping imbalances introduced within the Beastlord class, as they slowly but surely stripped our abilities away.

At that point, I started anew in Vanguard Saga of Heros, on the Thunderaxe server. The name Rarrum sorta stuck, so I kept it. Accompanied by several old friends from EQ (Yoriana, Thlayli, and Zvexx), I set out to ... not take over the world this time. In vanguard, as a Kurasasha (whose models are inferior to EQ's Vah Shir), I now play more casually.

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