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Trek was one of the first aliases I used on the internet. At the time, it was chosen for my interest in Star Trek, but the name just sort of stuck. Back then the internet was a little less populated, so the name was actually free in a couple places.

About the only place I'm really known as Trek now is Furcadia. I've been Trek there since somewhere around 1998, though I have taken several extended breaks from it over the years. Ti'Oniyume was basically just a group of crazy people there, with all sorts of amusing and completely impractial stories of how their characters were related. I was among some of the original Ti'Oniyume in what is now called "Old Furc" (before the major server change and client update).

At one point Ti'Oniyume's growth got completely out of control, and everyday new people we'd not even heard of started claiming to be a member of our group/clan/thing. In response to this, most of the original Ti'Oniyume broke off and formed the Ou'Intoku. Each of the founders had a secondary name that was related to an element of some sort. So I became Trek Suishou Ou'Intoku (Suishou=Crystal). Some time later, the mass-Ti'Oniyume-ism died out, and the name was forgotten..

Years later, upon returning from an extended break, I discovered that most of those I once knew were gone. The very few of the Ou'Inkuta still around had reverted to our old name, so I too returned to Trek Ti'Oniyume.

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