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Through the Eyes of Magus (Arrangement of Magus's theme from Chrono Trigger)   (local)
Erana's Hero (Arrangement of Hero's March and Erana's Peace from QFG 1)   (local)

Spheredux, Original Soundtrack

Spheredux   (local)

Brigades, Original Soundtrack

Battle of the Valiant Nobles   (local)
March of the Lemmings   (local)
On the Far Reaches of the Field of Battle   (Digipen) (local)

Sea of Chaos, Original Soundtrack

Capsized   (local)
Purposeful Approach   (Digipen) (local)
Muddled Mission   (Digipen) (local)
Midnight Disturbance   (Digipen) (local)
Thunder Through the Fray!   (Digipen) (local)
Where Are We Going?   (Digipen) (local)
Hopeless Battle   (Digipen) (local)
Prospective Waters   (Digipen) (local)
Too Many Options!   (Digipen) (local)

Barren: Wasteland Memories, Original Soundtrack

Confrontation of Fates   (Digipen) (local)
Electric City   (Digipen) (local)
Ice-Bound Village   (Digipen) (local)
A Suspicious Cave   (Digipen) (local)
Give Credit Where 'Tis Due   (Digipen) (local)
The Uber Hotel   (Digipen) (local)
Boss Battle   (Digipen) (local)
What Is This?   (Digipen) (local)
Something Miscellaneous   (Digipen) (local)
The Sewers   (Digipen) (local)
We March Onward   (Digipen) (local)
Flooded Town   (Digipen) (local)
Darkness   (Digipen) (local)
Barren   (Digipen) (local)
Walking Around   (Digipen) (local)
Badness   (Digipen) (local)

Forgotten World, Original Soundtrack

Variations on a Theme Long Forgotten   (local)

BioBlaster, Original Soundtrack

Bad Briefing   (local)
Main Level   (local)


The Noble Whistle   (local)
Things Forgotten By Time   (local)
A World Lost by Time   (local)
A Change in the Winds of Time   (local)
A New Beginning   (local)
Rebekah's Sorrow   (local)
The Myth of Sirenz   (local)
The Battle of Nirosa   (local)
Pyramid of Mystery   (local)

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