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     Christmas From Afar

Up early one morn
Sun's light not yet warm
The sky still a haze
One's mind still a daze

The day not yet risen
Morning waters like a prism
As the sun climbs the sky
Though 'tis not yet up high

Now creatures dost stir
The day starts to whirr
Late wakers now wake
Seeking coffee and sake

From the kitchen comes clatter
Much noise, but no matter
For the cooks now do fry
Eggs with toast on the side

Now we've finished our meal
No more hunger we feel
But the day's just begun
Says the slow rising sun

But first we must pack
The gifts in the back
Of our well-traveled cart
And then we shall start

Onward we travel
Over pavement and gravel
To places well known
Old places of home

We'll stop at mid-day
But not long we'll stay
At the restraunt to eat
Food made with fresh meat

Again we set forth
Now heading straight north
Much road left to travel
Before gifts unravel

Now finally we're there
With time left to spare
There's much left to do
The time's not yet true

For now we all gather
Despite the cold weather
Great flashes fling forth
And our pupils do morph

After many pictures made
Ours minds now have strayed
To the meal being presented
Food stacked high unrelented

The youngest now fret
So long have they sat
Eyeing boxes wrapped bright
With bows tied quite tight

Now the silence is shattered
As the paper is scattered
Boxes clawed open fast
Ribbons sidelong fast cast

As the evening draws late
Neat piles now irate
Now the tree floor grows bare
Packages released from its care

While before they were wired
Now the people grow tired
So they float off to bed
No more words need be said

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