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Below are quotes that I have decided are worth remembering.

"Music is the mathematical representation of emotion." -- Luke Lenhart (2010)

"There are exceptions to every rule. Including this one." -- Luke Lenhart (2007)

"Using the eraser tool [in the GIMP program] on a bug on the moniter doesn't work..." -- Luke Lenhart (2006)

"Sometimes a line is just a line." -- Luke Lenhart (2006)

"'Tis the nature of life... adapt or perish. Are you adapting to things as they change? Or do you instead cling to archaic methods of the past?" -- Luke Lenhart (2005)

"It is difficult to answer a question that is not asked." -- Luke Lenhart (2005)

"For those who would say that life is meaningless, I say that life is its own meaning." -- Luke Lenhart (2005)

"We are all composed of scattered memories that have been melded to form who we are. And with every new memory we acquire... we are changed." -- Luke Lenhart (2005)

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