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Having discovered some terrible flaws and inconsistancies in the english language, I feel obligated to point out these problems and offer possible solutions. It is my hope that someday the world will embrace these changes. I find it hard to believe that such irrational rules have survived this long...

While I speak mainly in terms of the American dialect of English, this should be applicable to other forms as well.

Improper Nesting

Consider the C++ statement:
 int i=5;
This can be compared to the sentance:
 My human friend told me that I had a wonderful hue of hair.

Now lets add an expression nested within the above C++ statement:
 int i=(3+2);
Notice how the nested expression is correctly terminated with a closing ), and how the statement itself is still terminated by a ;.
The following statement is considered correctly punctuated, as of 2005 June 20:
 My human friend told me, "You have a wonderful hue of hair."
Terrible!!! While the nested dialog is correctly terminated with a . and ", the outter sentance has no termination now.
A more correct way to write this would be:
 My human friend told me, "You have a wonderful hue of hair.".

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