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Below are words I have created (for whatever reason) and their definitions.

Fhe (pronoun)
A gender-neutral version of He or She.
2007 November
Source: The english language used to lack this commonly-needed singular pronoun. No longer.

Fis (pronoun and possessive adjective)
Gender-neutral versions of Hers or His and Her or His.
2007 November
Source: Same as Fhe.

Fim (pronoun)
A gender-neutral version of Her or Him.
2007 November
Source: Same as Fhe.

Metaspecting (verb)
Observing ones self.
2007 May
Source: I once needed to indicate that I came to a conclusion from me looking at me. So I simply decided on the statement: "Just a bit of metaspection."
Other forms: Metaspect (verb), Metaspection (noun)

Evitarious (adjective)
Avoidable or preventable.
2005 June 6
Source: At one point, I made the statement "The inevitable... shall happen." That got me thinking about the word inevitable. It seemed to have a base word "evit", though that turned out not to be a word. Etymology showed inevitable as being based on evitabilis. So I have expanded upon that base word to form Evitarious.
Other forms: Evitariously (adverb), Evitariousness (noun)

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