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This is the result of a pseudo-dream I had a bit ago. It wasn't really a dream, more of a pre-dream as I was falling asleep. I was trying to find my way back into my old dreams. The pseudo-dream itself didn't have the character as it was more first-person ish, so I had to sort of come up with that myself. And yes I know... I forgot the tail... shhh ;p I didn't notice that until it was almost done, heh. I tried out some new methods of drawing fur in this one also... and I think I like how it turned out, despite all it's flaws.
(2006 August)


I tried a lot of new things on this. First I discovered GIMP's ink tool, which makes it much much easier to vary the thickness of a line (something I learned cleaning up 99999 animation frames these last few months), using tablet's pressure sensitivity. So rather than doing it with pure color like my last one, I actually used lines for this. I also tried out with doing "furred edges" in a few places like on the sides of the face, that I'd seen a lot of others do before. Then there were the stripes... I never realized a tiger had so many stripes ;p
(2006 July)


It's finally done. I started this back in March as a result of a dream I had, where I was drawing directly with color instead of lines. So I set GIMP to treat my tablet's pressure as a blend between 2 colors, and made the entire thing this way. Every several weeks since then I did a little bit of work on it... sometimes finishing one part.. sometimes just redoing a part previously done. And here's the result... by far my best work to date.
(2006 July)


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