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A little dragon head... thing. About 2 inches from nose to ear. This was both my first time to try sculpting something other than messing with a kneaded rubber eraser randomly (this is Super Sculpey), and also my first time to use acrylic paint. That considered, I think it came out alright. I need to look into putting more textures in the clay before I cure it. Next time I might build the base first too, so I don't have to just hold it the entire time.
Little Dragon Head Sculpture
(2009 October)


It had been a while since I did anything, so I drew a random sketch... and liked it, so I spent some (too much) time finishing it up. Anatomy's a little better than some of my older works, but still not great. The rock is better than my prevous attempt at a rock as well.
Howl at the Moon
(2009 April)

(final) (sketch)

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