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Another random thing; sketched and cleaned a couple weeks ago, colored last night. H pencil linework (traced from the sketch I made first), watercolor, and colored pencils.
Falling Into Darkness.
(2007 November)


Random scene I started several days ago. A lioness relaxing in a forest. Stereotypical feline laying on their back pase.
Lioness Relaxing in a Forest
(2007 August)


The setting is from a dream I had last night. In the actual dream, the feline centaur (which had black fur) was a lot father away, and was dancing with another bipedal anthro character. For the purposes of making it interesting (and not having to do 2 characters), I moved them more to the foreground and changed what they were doing. Additionally, there were also trees all over the place (as the setting was more of a forest) and in the water was a stone staircase... but those parts were also omitted here. So the result is a feline centaur standing near a stream, waving at someone on the other side. The character was all done with prismacolors, and the background all with oil pastels. It took roughly 9-10 hours altogether, including the character sketch.
Feline Centaur Waving
(2007 May)

(big) (sketch)

So, in a bout of random determination... I finally got out my oil pastels which I've had for months but never used. I'd never used pastels before, ever, so this is my first attempt. Lacking any other inspiration at the moment... I turned to my cat. While this doesn't do him justice, it was a good first attempt, especially considering I was following the "model" around the house as I worked on it.
Bambino's Face
(2007 May)


About a month ago I had a random urge to draw what it was like to fly. Knowing it from dreams and such, I already knew exactly how I wanted the pose to feel. Getting an extremely rough outline didn't take too long, but after that, I worked on it sporadically until the last several days. Since I had sorta accidentally taken a break from any real drawing before starting this, it took me a bit to remember how I'd done the fur before; I didn't want it to be a regression. It's not quite the same type of fur as before... but I won't say it's any worse either... just different. I really like how this turned out.
(2007 February)


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