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A dragon... quite an improvement over my old dragon I'd say. The paper gave me some problems... all those evil holes! But it still turned out ok.
(2005 December)

(big) (small)

A lioness. Unfortunately I don't have any lighter brown or tan prismacolors... so it's a lot darker brown that I would have preferred. And I realized too late that the paws are too small... I still like how it turned out though.
(2005 November)

(big) (small)

I drew this completely freehand... just looking at my character "Rarrum" in Everquest. It took about an hour and a half. By comparison the last anthromorph I drew back in June took over a day. All I can say, is if you've never read "The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain", then you have no idea what your missing out on. It's made a world of difference for me.
(2005 September)

(big) (small) (referance screenshot)

Just a sketch I made of this tiny plastic Simba model I have. Trying out drawing using a bunch of short fast lines.
(2005 August)


Drawn for a friend (Khitan). Done completely in GIMP. I abuse the layers feature too much... had about 20 layers in this. It didn't really turn out like I had envisioned unfortunatly. You can't really tell it's supposed to be a feline anthromorph.
(2005 June)


Just a random landscape.
(2005 Jan)


Kitty (that is the real name of the kitty!). Thinking I like this painter and graphics tablet thing. Traced outline around the outside, then drew/colored the rest.
(2004 Dec)


Super Kitty! First thing I made trying out my new graphics tablet and Painter Essentials 2. Traced around a picture of our cat Spankey to get a general outline, then colored and drew the rest. Was somewhat of a hasty job, and mainly made while figuring out how the prorgam worked.
(2004 Dec)


3D model of a lion. First model that I spent any real time working on. Also my first time to texture a model.

(single view) (many views)

Drawn for a friend (Flea). My first attempt at drawing an anthromorph. Also my first attempt at drawing clothes, so don't laugh!

(small) (big) (scanned)

My first attempt at drawing a kitty.

(big) (scanned)

My first attempt at a lion.

(small) (big) (scanned)

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